High Performance

Lueder’s commitment to delivering a valuable construction experience has been the driving force in our success. How do we get there? We strongly believe in exceptional service – rooted in our impeccable safety record, our implementation of emerging technology, and our dedication to inclusivity.

Construction Technology

Lueder Construction’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) group combines leading edge technology with unparalleled collaboration, offering efficiency and clarity during the project. We use various tools to deliver our clients successful clients.


Lueder has consistently proven that safety is a core value on which we do not compromise. It’s a belief well-respected by our employees and demonstrated by their actions.


Lueder’s diversity and inclusion philosophy is simple: lead and develop. We remain committed to cultivating professionals who make sound decisions, face challenges head on, and respect the community. We are consistently supportive of our workforce and our clients – their personal needs and professional goals.

The quality of our construction services is backed by three high performance standards. Each of these is an important part of our process to serve our clients, employees, and community, and these teams are proud of the role they play in delivering a successful project. 

– Ron Weis, Vice President

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