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2023 marked Lueder’s 139th year. To put this into perspective, Omaha was just 30 years old when Lueder was founded (as the A.C. Busk Company). In 1958, the lifespan for a company at that time was about 61 years. Today, the average is just 18 years. We’ve beat those averages by a mile. Longevity is in our blood at Lueder. That’s why we always look to the future of our business, the industry and the growth trajectory of this great community – and make adjustments to meet needs along the way.

Robert LuederRobert Lueder was key to our ongoing view and commitment. When he joined the company it was 1940. His father, Roy M. Lueder, had just acquired full ownership of what was then called A.C. Busk, founded In 1884 as a small masonry construction company in Omaha that had grown to be a sizable general contractor. Bob Lueder had the vision to grow Lueder into a premier provider of quality construction with a transparent, honest approach to doing business. What he built was more than revenue attached to services. He built a legacy that we proudly carry on today.

In 2020, Robert Lueder was inducted posthumously into the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame. He joins an elite group of business men and women who are honored for their roles in helping to grow our community.

In fact, much of Omaha’s building landscape is evidence to Lueder Construction’s dedicated presence here across all types of projects and services that contribute daily to the quality of life in this community. These includes hospitals and healthcare institutions, schools and colleges, places of worship, retail shops and centers, non-profits, and civic entities. As a multi-faceted, full-service general contractor, we are selected by visionary architects and developers to bring new, landscape-changing buildings to life and to work on renovations and building renewal to breathe new life into Omaha’s retro neighborhoods seeing a resurgence.

In 2019, we made a concerted effort to move away from the familiar gray and blue logo that many in this community had come to know. Our current brand identity represents our mission and vision – and what we’re best known for – taking the vision of our customers and bringing it to life. We don’t just do this as a project with blueprints and budgets. Our customers will tell you that Lueder uniquely embraces their vision for the space and makes it our own. True partners in building dreams.

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Bob Lueder Circa 1938

Bob Lueder – Circa 1938

Omaha Business Hall of Fame

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