What Others Say

What others say about working with Lueder

Anyone can tell you how good they are, or that they follow the ideals of their mission statement. Talk is easy. The measure is in what owners and project participants remember when their building project is complete and we walk away. Here is what our customers have to say about Lueder Construction.

“Lueder’s work was of the highest quality and met or exceeded all our requirements. The team’s enthusiastic expertise, creative thinking and hard work played a vital role in the completion of the project. Trust and openness have been a hallmark throughout the project and resulted in a positive team approach to problem solving as issues arose during the project.”

Thomas Johnson
Vice President of Finance, Iowa Western Community College

“My vision of Lueder is they come with an honest approach to the jobs they’re doing. They certainly don’t try to maximize their profits at the expense of the customer. When I talk to their projects manages, I trust what they’re telling me. Lueder brings a higher level of trustworthiness.”

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“I like that they have a small, family feel to them. They’re not real corporate. They’re very genuine in the things they do. It’s like we’re in this together.”

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“We made a wise decision in selecting Lueder Construction Company as our general contractor for this project. I am pleased that you took a personal interest in taking care of all the details and doing whatever it took to satisfy your customer. Your dedication and commitment to this project was simply outstanding.”
“Lueder works for those who have good-sized projects and are looking for a company with access to a lot of suppliers, vendors, subs – and that exemplifies their value set. They’re not so big that they feel corporate. They’re of substantial size, but they still have that sense of a family-run firm, somebody who’s reliable.”

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“From my perspective, what makes Lueder different is the evidence of their value system and the quality work in the marketplace.”

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“Just the comfort of knowing you can have critical conversations with the people of Lueder and they will follow through on what they said they would do – that makes it easier to go to bed at night and sleep. It’s all about relationships…the people you work with and their dedication and passion for the project.”

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“The best message we can share is that we look forward to working with Lueder Construction again in the future.”

John Sinovic & Dave Cooper
Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects

“Lueder met each challenge with an answer and kept the job moving through four seasons to finish on time and to provide the Westside community with a building that gets a ‘WOW!’. Everyone involved in the process – the laborers, the subcontractors, the site superintendent and the project manager all had the same goal in mind – create the best building possible. They did exactly that!”

Ken Baldwin
Director of Building and Grounds, Westside Community Schools

“I highly recommend Lueder Construction as a superb general contractor and as a company with an exceedingly high focus on construction safety in a healthcare environment.”

Matt Shaw, CHSP, CBET
Director of Safety, Creighton University Medical Center

Value system and quality of work. They’re of a substantial size but they still have that sense of a family-run firm – somebody who’s relatable. You can get the president and chairman to come to your meetings.”

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“They may not have been the low bid, but culturally they were a good fit…very professional, personable, not overpowering in terms of ego. The numbers in the actual proposal were certainly good – not out of line. They seemed aligned with how we think.”

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“They do a really good job of listening to the customer and ensuring they understand what it is they need to deliver. If they don’t get it quite right or if they miss something, they own it. I appreciate that because it’s not just trying to please the customer. It’s trying to be aligned with your values and be consistent in how you work with people.”

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Lueder’s involvement – from the president on through the organization – is more high-touch. You don’t get that with very many large companies.”

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Greg KeyOur strong, values-based culture continues to be the heartbeat of our company. The quality of our people – and the level of their engagement – encourages us every day. Call us to work on your project. You’ll see what we mean.

– Greg Key, CEO