Virtual Design and Construction – VDC

Lueder’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) group combines leading edge technology with unparalleled collaboration to bring efficiency and clarity to your project. When you start with more knowledge of the challenges ahead, you can plan and meet production schedules, improve quality and reduce risk and rework.

Virtual Design and Construction

The depth of services we provide from 2D/3D Coordination, In-house Project Layout, Laser Scanning and more are what Lueder VDC provides to assure a successful project outcome from beginning to end.

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Increase productivity and quality assurance on projects and reduce schedule creep. Work with us and access this:

  • The ability to leverage the civil site drawings to accurately layout building components
  • An accurate layout of MEP Embeds and Stub-ups
  • Accurately as-built underground utilities
  • Same-day re-staking services

Increase accuracy during plan development and budgeting, create an accurate and defined estimate for the owner in minimal time and create a team-oriented design process with early buy-in. Work with us and access this:

  • The ability to leverage BIM to create a complete data inventory of the design model
  • The ability to leverage BIM to provide quick turnaround budgets
  • The option to easily share BIM data with the whole project team

Leverage design teams BIM to identify risk and mitigate issues and coordinate with all stakeholders through construction. Work with us and access this:

  • Constructability and projects that are on time and on budget
  • Reduced time spent reacting to RFP’s and change orders during the construction phase
  • The ability to keep all stakeholders on the same page throughout the project
  • An online integrated collaboration platform (ICP)

Document major project milestones, provide virtual site walks via any web browser and capture rough-in inspection conditions prior to drywall. Work with us and access this:

  • Full 3D documentation, at any point in time, for future use
  • Full 360-degree access to the site from any location
  • Reduced time relying on hand-scribbled notes of existing conditions documentation
  • Reduced errors, omissions and repeat trips to the site

Capture accurate existing condition data within a ¼  inch and leverage data to provide vital information that assists in design efforts, with prefabrication and asbuilt model creation and for accurate data for remodel  and renovation projects. Work with us and access:

  • QA/QC on work put in place
  • Reduced time and cost of documenting existing conditions
  • Improved accuracy of existing conditions documentation
  • Reduced errors, omissions and repeat trips to site
  • Data analytics review for design assist and accurate, coordinated construction documents

Meet the construction professionals of Lueder VDC

Matt Bowers

Matt Bowers, BIM/VDC Manager

“It’s one thing to acquire the latest technology. It’s altogether different to know how to use it to meet building and construction needs. VDC doesn’t replace the human in the equation – it provides a wealth of information to the people who plan, budget and set timelines – all with the intention of bringing visions to life.”