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Construction Services

Lueder Services

At Lueder Construction it is our goal to provide you with the necessary services that maximize your construction dollar.  From project initiation, to pre-construction services, to the actual bricks and mortar construction of your project, we work hand in hand with you throughout the process to help achieve your desired outcome.

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Beginning with the initial stages of project design and development, Lueder Construction can provide various services which will positively impact your project.

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Lueder Construction will provide administrative and field services that put quality and integrity at the forefront.

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Using successful contracting approaches such as competitive bid, design build, design assist or negotiated, Lueder Construction shows you the pros and cons of each to help you make informed decisions for your project.

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Lueder Construction serves to “fill the gap” with the continuing care for our clients during periods where they have numerous needs, but no major construction projects.

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Lueder Service Center repairs it all. Our Service Technicians have over 130 years of combined experience ensuring your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

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At Lueder Construction, we leverage BIM and utilize technology to produce a higher quality product to our customers. Our VDC services help mitigate risk and our collaborative approach keeps all stakeholders involved from the earliest phases of the project.

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