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In the design-build method of contracting, Lueder Construction will contract with and manage the efforts of the architects and engineers, as well as act as the general contractor on the project. By offering this “umbrella” type of contract to the owner, Lueder becomes the single source for a complete construction project. Often a GMP (guaranteed maximum price) is defined early in this process to give the owner further comfort in the achievement of their contracting goals.


  • Works well with simple projects where the scope of work is easily defined
  • Can be a very quick time-frame from design to project completion
  • Can result in a very cost effective outcome


  • Lack of competition on pricing can result in a higher final project cost
  • Lack of fiduciary responsibility of the designer to the owner can result in decisions that are cost driven instead of preserving the owner’s wants or needs
  • Traditional checks and balance are not in place
  • Complicated projects with difficult to design scopes of work can result in misunderstandings leading to future claims
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