Omaha Design Assist Contracting | Lueder Construction
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Design Assist

In this format, Lueder Construction is selected early on in the process, possibly even before the architect is on board.  We work alongside the architect and owner assisting them with cost effective decisions regarding construction related issues like materials, scheduling, budgets, etc…  The architect and Lueder both contract directly with the owner, creating a “three legged stool” of accountability to one another.


  • Dramatic time savings are possible as the scheduling and pricing tasks are taking place concurrent with the design phase
  • Budgets are reliable and well defined early in the process.
  • Long lead items may be pre-selected and/or pre-ordered saving additional time and reducing costs
  • Subcontract and material pricing may still be bid, thus creating a competitive pricing scenario for the majority of the project costs
  • A partnering relationship is generated where each party is tasked with protecting the needs of each other team member
  • Dramatically reduced chance of claims or legal battles


  • Initial costs may appear higher
  • Care must be taken to ensure a complete understanding of the scope of work
Thank you for visiting Lueder Construction. It is our sincere hope that you will consider us for your next project.