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Competitive Bid

Competitive Bid

Lueder Construction has a history of maintaining a substantial presence in the hard bid public market. This assures us of keeping the pulse of the industry regarding pricing, design means and methods, and competitiveness.


  • Lowest price on bid day
  • Scope of work, materials, and quality standards are generally well defined and agreed upon
  • Objective contractor selection process
  • Most owner decisions made up front, allowing construction to proceed immediately


  • “Holes” in the bid documents generate change orders, resulting in higher final project costs
  • Greater time in the design phase due to the many decisions that are necessary to generate adequate bid documents
  • Preliminary budgets are hard to determine since there is no contractor on board to assist in the process
  • Delays could occur due to surprises on bid day. These could result in re-bidding the project, cost cutting, or project cancellation
  • Greater participation is required of the owner and architect in the contract administration of the project
  • Adversarial relationships can occur between the owner, architect, and contractor as all have different financial goals
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