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Facilities Solutions Group

Facilities Solutions Group

At Lueder Construction, our “Commitment to Service to Mankind” drives our passion to be of service to our clients, whatever their facility needs. With the goal in mind to be your One Call for all of your building needs, we formed our Facilities Solutions Group (FSG).

The FSG exists to respond quickly to our clients’ needs, to assess the situation, and to help coordinate the correct remedy to return a bid or budget to a client within just a few days. Many facilities have Capital Project budgets that must be prioritized for review and approval; however, the necessary operational budgets must address smaller work done for maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

The FSG serves to “fill the gap” with the continuing care for our clients during periods where they have numerous needs, but no major construction projects. By offering to be your “one call” for all projects, even during times where a renovation or a new location is needed.

The FSG can easily fulfill smaller project needs, but we bring a large construction company’s expertise to their aid. Furthermore, by developing this relationship with clients to help meet their operational needs, it helps extend trust and a more enjoyable partnership for the day when the need for a larger project comes.

 In all that we do, we provide true openness and accountability to create: 

• A high level of TRUST.
• An exceptional QUALITY of work.
• The LOYALTY from our customers

Whether you need a tenant finish out, maintenance repairs, smaller additions, or specialized projects, we have the expertise to solve every need.

Thank you for visiting Lueder Construction. It is our sincere hope that you will consider us for your next project.