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Company Information


Privately held Delaware Corporation.  Controlling interest is held by President, Greg Key, with the balance owned by key employees.


Number of Employees

Salaried management employees:  20

Field:  30-60 varying with season and workload


Service Area

Nebraska and adjacent states


Trades Performed by Lueder Construction

Supervision, demolition, minor earthwork, concrete, light masonry, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, light steel erection, and specialties installation.


Annual Volume

Most recent fiscal year:  $72 million

Dun & Bradstreet

Number:  00-287-3883

Primary SIC Code:  1542

Bank Reference

American National Bank

Omaha, Nebraska, 68114

(402) 457-1077

Surety Information

Silverstone Group

11516 Miracle Hills Drive

Omaha, Nebraska, 68154

(402) 964-5400 

Trade References

Millard Lumber

12900 I Street

Omaha, Nebraska  68145

(402) 896-2800

Omaha Electric Service

8506 Madison Street

Omaha, Nebraska  68127

(402) 597-3040


7070 S. 108th Street

LaVista, Nebraska   68128

(402) 331-1233

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