Our Mission | Lueder Construction
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Our Mission

Lueder Mission

Lueder Construction, pure and simple wants to be your contractor of choice.  We know anyone can build your project. It is much harder to build a relationship built on trust and service. This can only happen with a foundation of strong ideals and values which permeate a company.

We Treat People Right

At the core it is our people who make us who we are. From our employees, to our subcontractors and project owners, respect and a positive work environment builds meaningful relationships.

We Do The Right Thing

We know the difference between right and wrong. We use our talents in a responsible way. We are honest, obey the law and provide a full day's work. You have enough to think about, we don't want you to worry whether your contractor is on your side.

We Do What We Say

When we make a promise we keep it. Our word is at the core of our relationship with owners, customers and our employees. By honoring our commitments to the best of our abilities we build honor and respect amongst all those we work with.

We Serve Others

From both a corporate and individual level, Lueder Construction pursues service to our immediate community, to our nation and globally. We make it a high priority to give back through time, talent and money the riches we have been blessed with.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership to our Employees, Stakeholders, Customers and Industry through unquestionable character, integrity and commitment to service to mankind.

Thank you for visiting Lueder Construction. It is our sincere hope that you will consider us for your next project.